Understanding the Role of the Pharmacist

The role of the pharmacist is evolving rapidly and in recent years has become more patient centered than product centered. 

Although Pharmacists are considered "drug experts" they have a wide variety of knowledge and skills that can improve your overall health. 

They can help in any of the following areas:
·  providing education about various disease conditions such as osteoporosis,   
   diabetes, hypertension and more
·  answering questions you may have about your medication use
·  providing important advice on OTC products (vitamins, herbals, cough & cold, 
   analgesics etc.) to prevent unsafe medication use
·  providing advice about lifestyle modifications (nutrition, smoking cessation, 
   physical activity) that can prevent many chronic diseases and allow you to live well

"Over The Counter" Does Not Equal Safe!
There is often a false belief that medications for which a prescription is not required are safe to use. 

All medications including herbals can actually be dangerous in those with certain health conditions or taking other medications. It is very important to speak with your Pharmacist before choosing any over the counter product to ensure that the medication is a safe option for you!